InfoBurst Platform Build 232


Release Date: April 4, 2017

Platform: 2017.4.232 

User Interface: 3.3.7

Dashboard Connector Suite: 2.0.25

Build Overview

Download & Usage

Platform Support

  • BI 4.x Java Platforms: SAP no longer supports their BI 4.x JAVA SDK. Therefore, JAVA support has been removed in builds 231 and later. BI4 SDK File Synchronization is no longer necessary. Any current platform using JAVA will be automatically switch to Web Service with the update to Build 23x.. 
  • BI 4.0: New BI 4.0 platforms are not supported in builds 231 and later. Exising BI 4.0 platforms will still function. 
  • BusinessObjects XIR2: BusinessObjects XIR2 is not supported in builds 231 and later. 

New Features

  • InfoBurst Portal: Build 232 introduces the InfoBurst Portal. The portal is designed to securely host BI report content produced by InfoBurst for consumption end users. See Tutorials for portal setup and usage instructions.
  • Database Connection Interface: The Database Connection interface has been updated with a larger interface, a queried down-down list, and an option to copy existing queries.
  • Object Search: The Search option now includes the path of the resulting object(s). Perform a search then hover over the resulting object to view the object's path.
  • SharePoint: Support added for the NTLMv2 authentication protocol for SharePoint. Option available at Platform and Delivery levels.
  • Date Macros: NNTHDAYINMONTH date macro now adjusts to valid date (example: [29THDAYINMONTH] for Feb 2017 would generate "2/28/2017")
  • SwitchRepo: The switchrepo utility now supports changing a password for an existing repository connection

Fixed Issues

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