InfoBurst Platform Build 232 Fix Pack 1

Release Date: April 27, 2017

Platform: 2017.4.232 FP1

User Interface:

Build Overview

See InfoBurst Platform Build 232

Fixed Issues

  • IBE-4560: Unable to Add Email Notification to Existing Portal Delivery
  • IBE-4561: Zip Download From Portal Not Functional
  • IBE-4563: InfoBurst Service Fails to Start After 232 Update
  • IBE-4557: Portal PDF Preview Covers Share Pop-up Window
  • IBE-4572: Unable to Add Email Delivery
  • IBE-4567: Unable to Add/Remove Network Share
  • IBE-4573: Email Notification Panel Not Present
  • IBE-4577: No Tableau Server/TDE Upload using multi-tab WebI report
  • IBE-4585: BI 4.0 Platform Not Accessible
  • IBE-4579: 'Object not set..' Error on OPEN
  • IBE-4575: Delivery Template Error Adding Email Notification for Tableau Server Destination
  • IBE-4574: Delivery Template Error Adding Email Notification for InfoBurst Portal Destination

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