InfoBurst Platform Build 232 Fix Pack 3

Release Date: June 14, 2017

Platform: 2017.4.232 FP3

User Interface:

Build Overview

See InfoBurst Platform Build 232

Fixed Issues

  • IBE-4621: IB Portal deliveries missing from IBT_SYS_DELIVER table
  • IBE-4620: Issue with macro concatenation
  • IBE-4618: No Email Sent for Tableau Server Email Notification
  • IBE-4617: Extra Column email lookup fails when column name contains space
  • IBE-4616: Email notification link for InfoBurst Portal delivery does not resolve portal content
  • IBE-4611: Frameable response (clickjacking) vulnerability

Our test instance is still on version 130. Version 232 was installed on a new server. Is 130->232 a new install or there is an upgrade path.

Simpy apply the update to go from Build 130 to Build 232.

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