InfoBurst Platform Build 231 Fix Pack 1

Release Date: December 5, 2016

Platform: 2016.10.231 FP1

User Interface:

Build Overview

See InfoBurst Platform Build 231

Fixed Issues

  • IBE-4377: Error 'System.Dynamic.ExpandoObject' does not contain a definition for 'parameters' occurs on Refresh when document contains multiple parameters and processing mode is Scheduled Instance
  • IBE-4378: Error 'Unparseable date' occurs on Refresh when document contains a date parameter and processing mode is Scheduled Instance
  • IBE-4379: Email notification link for content delivered to XI Server > Folder is invalid
  • IBE-4392: Date/time values submitted to BusinessObjects are incorrectly offset
  • IBE-4393: 400 browser error returned when attempting to access the InfoBurst user interface
  • IBE-4394: Refresh failure when using BEX date range parameter
  • IBE-4391: Fields and buttons missing when creating a new platform
  • IBE-4381: 'member cannot be null' error when refreshing via Schedule Instance with a date parameter
  • IBE-4395: Refresh error 'source must have the same # values' when one parameter receives one value and another parameter receives multiple values
  • IBE-4380: Search Fails When Result Set is 250+ Items
  • IBE-4376: Error 'You must click a checkbox to select a query' occurs when attempting to select a database query as a parameter data source
  • IBE-4397: XDC objects not available when selecting 'XDC to embed'
  • IBE-4401: Folder Added When Attempting to Add Action
  • IBE-4420: TDE Generation Error 'Index out of range'
  • IBE-4408: Cache Query Connector Error Using NULL Value
  • IBE-4404: Email Notification Link Incorrect for Zip Files

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