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Old schedules seen as Running

There are a few Schedules under "Monitor/Schedules" that have a status of "Running"

However they ended in fact weeks or months ago.

But when I try to Stop them, I get a popup with:


Failed to stop Schedule


Is there a way to get rid of them? I could not find anything in the forums or documentation.

Hey Jean-Francois. Reset Schedule will clear those jobs from Schedules. Be advised Reset Schedule will kill any running jobs. We recommend running it only when the system is idle.

In versions 2021.2 and later, select System > Configuration > Category:General > SystemScheduleProcessing > Reset System Schedule.

In earlier versions:

  • Open a command prompt (Run as Administrator) on the InfoBurst server
  • Change directory into the InfoBurst application root (default = C:\Program Files\Infosol\InfoBurst)
  • Enter IBResetSchedule
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to run the utility
  • Re-start the InfoBurst service

Hi Bryan,

Very recently,  we started noticing that the some of the schedules are being the running status and never finish and we keep doing this IBResetSchedule to clear the issue.  We did this 3 times already this week.  Our IB version 2023.1.1 and is there any reason why this behaviour and any resolution steps we need to do the permanet fix. 

Thank you in advance for your help and guidence


Nara Masspalli

Hey Nara. Plese open a new InfoSol Help Desk issue so we can gather the required details to troubleshoot. Thanks.

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