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Schedule - 30th day of the month macro

My client wants a report sent out on the 30th of every month, except February (obviously.) Is that macro set up to correct for that automatically, or would the report not be sent out in Feb without some workaround? 

I might have an elegant solution:

Set up a schedule as well that works on a File-Drop Event, and set up a Scheduled Task on the server to run a batch file that drops the trigger file, every 27th day of February, once per year.

Conversely, that same batch file could be used to fire off with a second Scheduled Task, set for all other months of the year. (as shown)




Hey Gina. I think your requirement is to schedule a Burst only when the day of the month is the 30. Is that correct?

If yes, then use the Using a Macro scheduling frequency with macro [XXXDAYINMONTH]. For your requirement:


@Kirc Breden sorry for the delay. I didn't see your reply. It looks like you're using a client version, I do not have that. 

@Bryan, I need a report sent on the 30th of the month and on the February 28th, since there is no 30th. Does that macro cover that?

Hey Gina. There is no Date Macro that accommodates for this requirement. Another option is a Calendar. You can create a Calendar with the desired dates and re-use the Calendar in multiple schedules if needed.

@Gina Petti Those screen shots are of Task Scheduler (a Windows OS application), which you can use to run a simple batch file that uses an ECHO command as follows:



ECHO "Trigger file">MyTrigger.txt



 Set a schedule to trigger from a file event, and use the two Scheduled Task triggers, above, to run the batch file and drop the file to be picked up in your Event Trigger.

The Scheduled Task can be created on the same server as your IBE instance, run using a system user or other account, and will reliably (at the time you set) drop the file on the local machine, and IBE's Event Trigger will see it and run the schedule. 

This way, you get the 30th of each month (sans February) and the 27th of February every year. 

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