This article describes scheduling options available for Bursts and XDCs.

  • Name: Enter a name
  • Description (optional): Enter a description
  • Run As :When a scheduled Burst or XDC containing BusinessObjects documents is executed, the BusinessObjects credentials associated with the user that creates the schedule are applied to the document processing. To assign the credentials of another user, enter the user and password.
  • Items: Add and remove items from the schedule
  • Disable: This option is only available for time-based schedules. Event-based schedules cannot be disabled at the schedule level.

  • Select the frequency type:
    • Daily
    • Day Intervals
    • Days In Month
    • Hour Intervals
    • Manual
    • Minute Intervals
    • On Events Only
    • On These Dates
    • Once
    • Using Macro
  • Events: Add and remove events from the schedule

Schedule Expiry

Many scheduling frequencies include a Schedule Expiry option. This option is used when a date/time-based frequency is combined with one or more events. Use this option to expire the schedule if the event or events are not set within X hours of the schedule start time.


Expired schedules will automatically generate a notification email to any users in the SUPPORT group. This feature requires a user group named support containing one or more users.


Apply one or more actions on one or more schedule statuses.

Add an Action

  • Select a status
  • Select green plus button to select an action


Produces an Excel-based report detailing all items associated with a schedule.

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