InfoBurst Platform Builds 130 and Older

Please see the attached zip file for build release notes for builds 130 and older.


Infoburst build version is 127 FP 2, Do we have any solution for the below error,

Error ==> Error while generating parameters :: Source did not return any data ... Stack ==>  at InfoSol.InfoBurst.ProPublisher.oBurstDocument.GetParameterSets(Macro Ctx, DataTable dtBurst, Boolean TrimValues) in C:\InfoBurst\Source\IBE_Core\IBSYSLib\Objects\oBurstDocument_Functions.vb:line 1649  at InfoSol.InfoBurst.ProPublisher.RTS._Generate(oRTSCtx Ctx, oBurst Burst, Int32 BurstDocumentID) in C:\InfoBurst\Source\IBE_Core\IBSYSLib\Runtime\RTS_Generate.vb:line 218

Hey Leo. I see that you have logged a ticket. We will work with you there to determine the root cause of this issue.

issue still not yet resolved

Hey Leo. I see that you are still corresponding with Jeremy on ticket 5606. Please update the ticket with any feedback or progress. Thanks.

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