InfoBurst Platform Build 237 - Release Notes

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Build 237 requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2. You must install this framework before installing or updating to this build.

Software Download:  InfoBurst Platform updater and installer

Review Platform Requirements and update or installation articles prior to using the new build. For additional details on Build 237 features, check out the Build 237 Release Notes document attached in this post.

New Features - What's New with Build 237?

Content Validation for Email

When hundreds or thousands of emails are sent via InfoBurst, you want to make sure that the right person receives the right information - especially when the emails recipients are external. To assist this process, we are unveiling a new module for Email Content Validation in Build 237.

Email Content Validation is an opt in feature within a burst in which burst creators can nominate a group who can approve or reject the content before it gets emailed to the actual recipients. The nominated group will receive an email with a web link to view the actual message and content for every email recipient. InfoBurst will send the emails only if it is approved by the reviewer in the group. Additionally, you can resend emails with attachments for selected recipients without the need for rerunning the burst. 

To learn more about Content validation check out our helpdesk video here. Additional Information can be found in the release notes.

InfoBurst’s new HTML UI 

The second phase of InfoBurst's new HTML UI is unveiled along with Build 237.  In this build, the InfoBurst Object management part of the UI is delivered. In our previous build we had released the Monitoring and scheduling section of the UI(Refer 236 release notes). Until we have the complete set of functionalities in the new UI, your current Flash based UI will be the primary interface for creating and managing InfoBurst content. The new UI will co-exist with your current flex UI. Going forward, new and enhanced features will be added to the HTML UI along with our platform releases. To access the new User Interface for your existing InfoBurst deployment, upgrade your platform to Build 236 and navigate to your server using the syntax below. The UI is accessed on port 8554.

 <your-iB-servername>:8554/iB/  (Please make sure to add the ‘/’ at the end of the server URL)

Exciting features in HTML UI Manage Section

  • Enhanced References - Hyper links to the "Referenced By Object's" location
  • Revamped Search module - Instant search results as you type
  • Folder path Hyperlink from search module
  • Multi Select of InfoBurst Objects & Folder
  • Bulk copy, move & delete option for Objects
  • New icons for various InfoBurst Objects
  • Folder Object count in folders
  • Filter by Object Type & Sorting in the grid

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Please refer to release notes for detailed information on the UI features.


  • BI 4.2 SP07 - Build 237 is certified for BI 4.2 SP07


  • Tableau 2091.1 - Build 237 is certified for Tableau 2019.1


  • Cache Query to Power BI - XDC Cache Queries can be leveraged in PowerBI's web connector with the click of a button in Cache Query window

System Macros


Fixed & Known Issues 

InfoBurst Platform Build 237 - Fixed & Known Issues 

Build 237 Release Notes


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Hi Rajesh;

  Build 237 requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2. You must install this framework before installing or updating to this build.  

==>  Will our current version 234 FP1 work with 4.7.2 or do we need to install both 237 and 4.7.2 at same time? 

Thank you, 


Hey Mike. You can install multiple versions of the .NET Framework side-by-side. Installation of .NET 4.7.2 will not affect Build 234. That build will continue to use .NET 4.5.

Hi Bryan -

  Thank you.  That sounds good.  We'll be installing soon to B 237.

Best regards,



Have this version 237 tested in BO 4.2 SP7 Patch 3 or 4?

Best Regards,


Hey Srinivas. We do not qualify interim patches. Build 237 is qualified against the initial release of BI 4.2 SP07.

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