InfoBurst Platform Build 234

Release Date: February 5, 2018

Platform: 2018.1.234

User Interface: 3.3.12

Dashboard Connector Suite: 2.0.25

Build Overview

Download & Usage

  • Software: Download the InfoBurst Platform updater or installer
  • Requirements: Review Platform Requirements for Microsoft .NET Framework and Crystal Reports requirements
  • Preparation: Review update or installation documentation prior to using the new build

Platform Support

  • BI 4.2 SP05: Support added for standard Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports. Web Intelligence reports using SAP BW are not yet supported. For details see BI 4.2 SP04 - BW-based Web Intelligence parameters issue.
  • BI 4.x Java Platforms: SAP no longer supports the BI 4.x Java SDK. Java support has been removed in builds 231 and later. BI4 SDK File Synchronization is no longer necessary. Any current platform using Java will be automatically switched to Web Service with the update to Build 23x.
  • BI 4.0: New BI 4.0 platforms are not supported in builds 231 and later. Exising BI 4.0 platforms will still function.
  • BusinessObjects XI R2: BusinessObjects XI R2 is not supported in builds 231 and later.

New Features

  • Reporting: New OData feeds and functions added. See OData Reporting for details.
  • Tableau: New Tableau Server Platform added. Support for TWBX delivery to the Tableau Server added.
  • Content API URL: Include PDF or Excel content from an external system with your burst deliveries using Content API URL.

Fixed Issues

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