InfoBurst Platform Build 238 - Release Notes

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Build 238 requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2. You must install this framework before installing or updating to this build.

Software Download:  InfoBurst Platform updater and installer

Review Platform Requirements and update or installation articles prior to using the new build. For additional details on Build 238 features, check out the Build 238 Release Notes document attached in this post.

New Features - What's New with Build 238?


  • Tableau 2091.3 - Build 238 is certified for Tableau 2019.3
  • Multiple WebI report tabs as Hyper files -  InfoBurst users can now deliver multiple hyper files to Tableau server or network share – one hyper file per report tab
  • Hyper as Default - Tableau Hyper as default data source when Tableau data source is selected
  • High Resolution Tableau Images  -  Tableau dashboard images will be delivered in high resolution (1568 pixels)
  • PDF Landscape Orientation  -  PDF outputs are defaulted to landscape to support the various image sizes in a dashboard

XDC's & Tableau

  • XDC Cache to Tableau Hyper  - The XDC cache can now be published as a hyper file to a destination specified in a delivery template
  • Block 1 as Default - WebI report Block added to a cache is defaulted to Block 1(or the first block) in XDC


  • SharePoint Authentication - Build 238 now supports App-Only SharePoint authentication for multi-factor environments


  • iB Portal on its own port  - InfoBurst Portal can be hosted on it own port and exposed to external users outside the firewall

Fixed & Known Issues 

InfoBurst Platform Build 238 - Fixed & Known Issues 

Build 238 Release Notes

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