InfoBurst 2022.4 - Release Notes

Version: 2022.4.4   -   Release Date: December 7, 2022



InfoBurst 2022.4 Webinar

New Features & Enhancements


Use a Memo to schedule and deliver data-driven, personalized emails independent of BI report content delivery.

Cloud Drives

Platform support added for Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box. Deliver files to a cloud drive and read files from a cloud drive (i.e. Data Source).

Power BI

Add a Power BI Dataset or Dataflow to Burst and schedule.


The following options have been added to Discover reports:

  • Create a personalized report and save to My Reports
  • Schedule a personalized report for regular delivery in Excel format to your InfoBurst profile email address
  • Parameter value selection added to select reports


  • Variable search added to Filter creation interface (appears when # of variables exceeds 10)
  • Delete an email recipient from the Destination tab in a Delivery
  • SharePoint Platform (OAuth) URL can be changed at Delivery-level (requires Administrator to enable Platform Allow Change option)


  • Delegated OAuth support added for Power BI and SharePoint Platforms
  • System Operator role can now view user Home folders

Fixed Issues

Known Issues

Visit the Report Problems forum

Build 240 Users

InfoBurst moves to 64-bit starting with InfoBurst 2021.1. 64-bit means new features, faster performance, and better memory allocation for handling of large data sets. See Release Notes for list of new features in 64-bit. Please review 64-bit Migration before proceeding with a 64-bit installation.

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