InfoBurst Platform Build 239 SP1 - Release Notes

Release DateJune 10, 2020 
Platform Version2020.4.239 SP1
HTML5 UI Version2020.06.09

Download & Usage

HTML5 User Interface Preview 2

Build 239 SP1 includes the Preview 2 version of the new InfoBurst HTML5 User Interface (UI). The new HTML5 UI is a modern, efficient, and easy-to-use replacement to the current Flash-based interface. See HTML5 User Interface Preview for video tutorials for the new UI.  The general release version of the HTML5 UI is planned for mid-summer. 

Features Added

  • Macro Builder
  • Windows Authentication
  • Burst/XDC/System Support Package
  • Burst/XDC Summary
  • Schedules Report
  • Active Directory Sync
  • InfoBurst Portal Configuration
  • Priority Queue
  • SSL Certificate Selection
  • Printer Management
  • XDC Authentication Source

UI Access

The new user interface requires an HTML5-compliant web browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. To access the new UI, browse to http://<SERVER>:8554 after updating to or installing Build 239 SP1. The current Flash-based UI will remain accessible at its current URL address. 


The Preview HTML5 UI is accessible on port 8554. Some older InfoBurst environments that use SSL may only have SSL enabled on port 8551. If you use SSL and receive an SSL error when browsing to https://<SERVER>:8554, then you must enable SSL on port 8554.


We look forward to receiving your feedback about the new UI. Please post general questions to the HTML5 User Interface Preview forum. Please report any issues or bugs via InfoSol Help Desk ticket.

Fixed Issues

The following are fixed issues in the HTML5 UI:

Known Issues

Visit the Report Problems forum

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