InfoBurst Platform Build 235 - Release Notes

Release Date
Platform Version           
UI Version                                            
May 30, 20182018.5.235

Software Download:  InfoBurst Platform updater and installer

Review Platform Requirements and update or installation articles prior to using the new build

For detailed release notes, check out the Build 235 Release Notes document attached in this post.

New Features - What's New with Build 235?


XDC (XML Data Cache)

  • OData: Access Cache Query data using OData. Any tool that supports OData V4+ (For ex: Microsoft's Power BI) can consume XDC's cache query.  

User & Group Management

  • Authentication Data Source: Manage InfoBurst Portal and other users using a Data Source such as Database Query or Excel. 



System Macros

Enhancements to Existing Features

  • Tableau Project Browse: An ellipsis button is added to browse projects from Tableau server
  • Tableau Data source Format: UI Supports both .TDE and .Hyper file formats
  • Portal Version Deletion: Select and delete specific versions within an InfoBurst Portal Content Group
  • XDC Data Source Deletion: A new confirmation dialogue is added for XDC data source deletion

  • Macro enabled Content API URL: The URL for Content API is macro enabled

  • Expanded View for Audit Logs:  The Audit log details now text wraps to the next line

  • Extended Logging: On Start, On Complete, and On Abort Actions are now visible in the Burst/XDC Activity Log

Fixed & Known Issues

InfoBurst Platform Build 235 - Fixed & Known Issues

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