InfoBurst 2021.2 - Release Notes

Release DateMarch 31, 2021
Platform Version2021.2.4
UI Version2021.03.30

Download & Usage

64-bit InfoBurst

InfoBurst 2021 represents the first 64-bit version of InfoBurst. The move to 64-bit means new features, faster performance, and better memory allocation for handling of large data sets. See the InfoBurst 2021.1 release notes for list of new features in 64-bit:

Build 240 Users

Users of Build 240 must read 64-bit Migration before proceeding with a 64-bit installation.


BI 4.2 SP09 support added.

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 SP01 users please review the following before using InfoBurst 2021 with BI 4.3.

  • Crystal Reports Users: Build 240 is not forwards-compatible with BI 4.3 SP01. Crystal Reports users moving to BI 4.3 must move to InfoBurst 2021.1 or later.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Folder and Inbox Deliveries: BI 4.3 SP01 introduces an issue that affects SAP BusinessObjects Folder and SAP BusinessObjects Inbox deliveries. The upload that occurs during this type of delivery fails with BI 4.3. SAP is investigating the issue. If you use either of these delivery types, then we do not recommend moving to BI 4.3 until the issue is resolved by SAP.

New Features

  • Workflows: A Workflow is a business user-friendly interface for creating and scheduling a burst
  • PNG Image dimension settings added for Tableau Workbook email delivery
  • Option to reset schedules (IBResetSchedule) added to System (System > Configuration > General > SystemScheduleProcessing > Reset System Schedule)

Fixed Issues

Known Issues

Visit the Report Problems forum

I am already in 240 FP4, do I have to update to FP6 before installing the latest 64bit version?

Hey Rene. You can remain on Build 240 FP4 and install 64-bit. Please be sure to review the following article before doing an in-place migration.

Be advise we are releasing InfoBurst 2021.3 next week. If you can I recommend waiting for that version so that when you migrate you are on the most recent version.

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