InfoBurst 2023.4 Release Notes

Version: 2023.4.1   -   Release Date: September 28, 2023



New Features & Enhancements


New Universe Query object added. Create a BusinessObjects Universe Query (New > Universe Query), add the query to a Burst and deliver as Dataset to Power BI Service or Hyper to Tableau Server.


Use Date Macros or create and use custom Date Macros in a Calendar


Option added to Run Command Action to wait for up to two minutes for command to complete


  • MultiColumn List enhancements:
    • Create from Excel
    • Duplicate/delete row
    • Filter Column <COLUMN:VALUE>
    • Sort column (sort applied on Save)
    • Clear All Columns and Data. Use to import new data into existing Excel-based MCList.
  • New Macros:
    • Day of Year [DYY]
    • Server Name [$SERVERNAME]
    • System Message [$SYSTEMMESSAGE]
  • Create custom Macro functions via Macro Builder
  • WACS or Tomcat selector added for new BusinessObjects Platform
  • Access root-level files in Cloud Drives (Google/OneDrive/Box/Dropbox)
  • Suppress detailed user interface error messages with System > Configuration > Category:General > ShowDetailedErrors

Fixed Issues

Known Issues

Visit the Report Problems forum.

Build 240 Users

InfoBurst moves to 64-bit starting with InfoBurst 2021.1. 64-bit means new features, faster performance, and better memory allocation for handling of large data sets. See Release Notes for list of new features in 64-bit. Please review 64-bit Migration before proceeding with a 64-bit installation.

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