InfoBurst Platform Build 236 - Release Notes

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Software Download:  InfoBurst Platform updater and installer

Review Platform Requirements and update or installation articles prior to using the new build. For additional details on Build 236 features, check out the Build 236 Release Notes document attached in this post.

New Features - What's New with Build 236?

InfoBurst’s new HTML UI 

InfoBurst’s new HTML UI is unveiled in Build 236. The roll out of the new UI will be in phases, with the first phase being the operational section of InfoBurst - Monitoring and Scheduling.  Until we have the complete set of functionalities in the new UI, your current Flash based UI will  be the primary interface for creating and managing InfoBurst content. The new UI will co-exist with your current flex UI. Going forward, new and enhanced features will be added to the HTML UI along with our platform releases. To access the new User Interface for your existing InfoBurst deployment, upgrade your platform to Build 236 and navigate to your server using the syntax below. The UI is accessed on port 8554.

 <your-iB-servername>:8554/iB/  (Please make sure to add the ‘/’ at the end of the server URL)

Exciting Features in HTML UI

  • Analytics for Bursts, XDC’s and Schedules
  • Revamped Schedules monitor screen with Export functionality
  • Alerts and Notifications for Bursts/Schedule Failures
  • Schedule Re-runs with the option to select the failed bursts within a schedule 
  • Support for Mobile Devices 

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Please refer to release notes for detailed information on the UI features.


  • Universe Connector for Tableau - Connect to UNX Universes using Infoburst's latest UNX Web Data Connector. Here's a video Tutorial. Please note, the UNX Connector is an add on installation to your InfoBurst server. Refer release notes for Instructions
  • Bursting by dashboard dimensions - Burst Tableau Visualizations into PDF, PNG or CSV based on dimensions in Tableau workbooks 
  • Tableau 2018.3 - Build 236 is certified for Tableau 2018.3

FYI! - We have created a new forum that discusses the InfoBurst Tab workflows. Click here to checkout the forum with video based tutorials


  • BI 4.2 SP06 - Build 236 is certified for BI 4.2 SP06


  • Copy Existing Delivery - Instantly create multiple delivery templates by copying an existing delivery template within a burst
  • Page Numbers for Table of Contents - Documents combined using Content Grouping now has page numbers in Table of Contents section

System Macros


Fixed & Known Issues

InfoBurst Platform Build 236 - Fixed & Known Issues


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