InfoBurst 2022.3 - Release Notes

Version 2022.2.3
Release DateAugust 25, 2022


InfoBurst 2022.3 Webinar

See the InfoBurst Webinar - InfoBurst 2022.3 Overview for details. 

New Features & Enhancements


Discover is a new InfoBurst system reporting tool. Generate detailed and interactive reports with InfoBurst system and object information.


Critical opt-in option added. With this option enabled, the following will occur when a Burst Action fails:

  • On Start: Burst will not run and will abort.  Any On Abort Actions will run.
  • On Complete: Burst status will be set to aborted


  • @EMBED macro enhanced to support reference to a Burst where the Burst resides in the same folder that contains the HTML used by the macro.  Example: [@embed(^burst\MyHTML)] 
  • Use a macro in a Delivery Condition. Example: =[TODAY,MM-DD-YYYY])

InfoBurst Portal

  • Version filter: Filter bursted portal content by bursting value
  • File upload (Administrator only): Upload files (.pdf/.xlsx/.csv/.txt/.png/.html/.htm/.dash) to the portal
  • Folder rename: Rename a portal sub-folder under System > Configuration > Portal. Any Burst delivery using the previous folder name must be updated to use the new folder name.


SharePoint List added as destination for database query or Excel file in a Burst.

Fixed Issues

Known Issues

Visit the Report Problems forum

Build 240 Users

InfoBurst moves to 64-bit starting with InfoBurst 2021.1. 64-bit means new features, faster performance, and better memory allocation for handling of large data sets. See the InfoBurst 2021.1-2022.3 release notes for list of new features in 64-bit. Please review 64-bit Migration before proceeding with a 64-bit installation.

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